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Thursday, April 21, 2011

mixed feelings

I got this shirt yesterday at a vintage store called Drop Yer Drawers. When my boyfriend and I pulled up to the area what we heard was an interesting mix of soulful to oldies music blasting from some speakers propped outside. The hippie who runs the place is playful man who has a taste from vintage clothes to random knick knacks and the sorts. The shorts on the other hand, I came across while riffling through the racks at Value Village. I'm on the fence about them though, I love the color, but the waist is one size too small (hence the title, mixed feelings). Either way, I think they'll stay in my closet for one more day.

I made a mix on 8tracks that may brighten your day, or mine since it's been snowing since I woke up. Walking to school in the snow is no fun this much I can attest to, I hope the weather turns around. Also added more goods to the etsy, check it out.


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