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Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mother's day

Happy mother's day everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday with their mom's. I wish mine didn't live so far away, but in a month I get to see her and the rest of my wonderful family.

Here she is at ages 6 and 7, such cute pictures.

Forgot to mention that I added just a few more items to my shop and few of them went on sale, so check it out!


Bre said...

Your mom was so adorable. I also haven't seen my family in months and can't wait to see them!

Lea said...

I'm really in love with all of these Mother's Day posts. They seriously make me wish I had done one too... But then again, there is always next year.

By the way--I was reading your sidebar. I'm from the Pacific Northwest too :) If you don't mind me asking, where exactly are you? I'm in Oregon :) OH, and I'm a graphic design student too :)

amanda said...

Hi Lea! I'm from Washington, I use to live near the Puget Sound, but I recently just moved more east toward Spokane. Though I'd love to live in Oregon.

What kind of design are you interested it, ie layout, web, etc?

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